Civil Engineering Services

Our civil engineers have decades of experience in all aspects of site development with small to large scale projects.  We provide civil design services for site planning and development for a wide range of clients to include commercial, industrial, residential, parks and recreation, and municipalities We have deep understanding of the needs and challenges each client type faces and are here to help

Site Development

Site Analysis

Facility/Amenity Design

Site Investigation

Master Planning

Site Plan Development

Site Grading & Drainage

Site Utility Design

Site Paving Design

Erosion Control

SWPPP (TN & GA Level 1&2 Certified)

Opinion of Probable Cost

Construction Observation

Site Optimization

Feasibility Studies


Route Studies




Parking Facilities

Trail Design

Pedestrian/Walkway Design

Transportation Enhancement

Construction Administration

Compliance Reporting

Contractor Pay Request Conformation

Stormwater & Utility Design

Franchise Utility Relocation Coordination

Funding/Grant Applications

Permitting Assistance

Drainage/Flood Managment

Stormwater Master Planning

Capital Improvement Design

Funding/Grant Applications

Flood Plain Analysis

FEMA Flood Plain Reclamation

Permitting Assistance

Stream Restoration

Erosion Management

Detention/Retention Design

Hydrologic Modeling

Low Impact Development

Utilities & Infrastructure

Water Distribution Systems

Water Transmission Systems

Water Storage Facilities

Waste Water Collection

Utility Rehabilitation

Pumping Stations

Permitting Assistance

Funding/Grant Assistance

Public Outreach

Construction Phase Services

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